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Here in days of Brishinka1 we bring you the latest news on economy, science, and everything we need to know to dance on this purple dot of ours. Today, we bring you the latest investments of our governance:

The glorious Intercontinental Coalition of Brishinka2 has recently announced the total number of launches during this last Metacycle3. They are proud to disclose the release of 1.725 objects into the outer reaches of Her domain; including 1.457 telecommunications satellites, 253 weather satellites which will work in tandem with those previously released, and a total of fifteen4 probes. The Coalition expects that, within the next five years, we'll be able to descend t-


Yes. Right away.

The plant has communicated to us the following scoop: After counting the amount of satellites on our firmament, it appears the number is different from what we expected. It is larger, by exactly one5.

Semeliel (full designation: SEMELIEL GRAPHUN-MAL GALORTH-GALUNUN-NA'HATH-GON-GAL) is a space probe created by an advanced race of aliens with the main purpose of finding alien life. Semeliel is equipped with extremely advanced propulsion systems that allow her to travel at near light-speeds, and is capable of recharging her energy supplies through solar power. She's an impossibly patient individual, but even the strongest patience can be broken with enough time.

Please note: The original authors refer to Semeliel with she/her pronouns, but her relationship with gender isn't as established in the tales. Semeliel's identity and relationship with gender is up to the reader's (and writer's!) own interpretation.

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