Sentient Leaves and Other stuff

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Few know where he came from.

Many say he was a refugee from a world lost to greed.

Others have tales closer to the edges of the imagination.

But wherever he came from, his people had given him the name Testu-Yuteskon.

The Reasonably-Psychotic.

Sometimes he can be seen in the halls of the library. Though never a mind for fancy ramblings or verbose texts, he's often feeding his hunger for knowledge from the stack of volumes gathered on his desk. Other times he's writing down his latest idea on a spare paper, whether the paper ends up in the trash bin when it's done is anyone's guess.

Though not a member of the Hand, his allegiance has always been a matter of question.

Rumors circulate he lives a double life with The Jailors. Wearing a false human face as a scientist named Charley Lucian. If this is true, he's never used his knowledge to bring the Hand or the Jailors to benefit or harm.

In the end, his one true allegiance might just be to whatever he happens to find interesting today.




By far the most famous work from this author. An epic telling of the history of the Plant Kingdom from sunrise to sunset. Though currently unfinished, the contents of this work were big enough to warrant the creation of their own shelf.

Tales from Spears to Flowers gives a thorough account of the world of the Plant Kingdom, from its highest Kings to lowest Peasants. Its times of peace and war, its multitude of different inhabitants, and perspectives from those that inhabit it.

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Philae Image is New York - View from Empire State Building by Bernd Untiedt (CC-BY-SA 3.0)

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