Silent Strife
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In halls of knowledge, whispers creep,
Where shadows dance and a student weeps.
A mind so young, yet fraught with dread,
Dark thoughts encircle, visions red.

Assignments pile, a mountain high,
Expectations loom, no tears to cry.
Parents' voices, sharp as blades,
Their love turns cold, as hope wades.

"Achieve, excel, be our pride,"
But deep within, the shadows hide.
Books and notes, a tangled snare,
Each page a weight too much to bear.

Sleepless nights, a mind enslaved,
Haunted dreams of futures paved.
With every test, a hope declines,
A heart ensnared in failure's vines.

The pressure mounts, a vice so tight,
A scholar's heart crushed in the night.
Papers marked with crimson stains,
Grades like chains, inflicting pains.

The clock ticks on, relentless beast,
No respite found, no inner peace.
The scholar's desk, a prison cell,
Each page a page of living hell.

The pressure builds, a tightening noose,
No way to win, no way to lose.
In silent dorms, the razor's gleam,
A twisted solace in a morbid dream.

Unseen tears and unheard cries,
Underneath the unbearable weight of lies.
Fear of failure, dark and grim,
Drowns the light, extinguishes him.

No comfort found in light of day,
No hand to hold, no words to say.
A dance with death, a cruel embrace,
To end the pain, to leave no trace.

Cold steel and rope, the tools of fate,
A desperate heart that cannot wait.
The night is deep, the stars are blind,
A cruel escape for a tortured mind.

Peers and teachers, unaware,
Of silent screams and desperate prayer.
A cruel end to youthful strife,
A sadistic twist in the student's life.

With trembling hands, the pills are taken,
A final step, no future shaken.
No solace found in letters and lore,
A life extinguished, forevermore.

The razor's edge, a lover's kiss,
In darkest thoughts, a twisted bliss.
A final breath, a fleeting sigh,
As shadows watch, the soul will fly.

Pills or blade, the choices clear,
To end the pain, to kill the fear.
A final note, in shaky hand,
"Goodbye to life, I cannot stand."

The world moves on, forgets the name,
Another lost to silent shame.
In silent halls, his ghost remains,
A screaming echo of youthful pains.

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