Snakes in Debt
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[The following page appears to be a document taken right off the High Archivist's desk.]

To the High Archivist,

As you know, on the 25th cycle of the Harvest Moon in the year 2021, the Library came under attack by assailants belonging to the Bookburner faction. The majority of this skirmish took place in the South-Western District and most unfortunately, within our esteemed marketplace.

Fortune Square has stood for nearly a millennia as the de facto location to sell one’s wares within the Library. I, Ral Cindertide, have served faithfully as its manager for over half of this period. Never in my time as manager of Fortune Square, have I seen such plain disregard for the well-being of our staff and customers as I did during the course of this battle against the Bookburners.

Let me be clear, High Archivist. I am well aware that the trio of “gunslingers” in your service played a vital role in defeating the Bookburner invasion and closing their opening into the Library. However, during the course of said invasion when the fighting had reached Fortune Square, these three utilized a variety of important goods. Most of which, might I add, were being eyed by prospective buyers.

Below, I’ve listed all merchandise either destroyed, rendered inoperable, or damaged by these supposed heroes of the Library. As someone who was present at the Battle of Fortune Square, I can attest to the descriptions of each item’s usage as being correct and without fault.

Item #4256: Harlow’s Staff of Disintegration

Status: Destroyed

Projected Market Value: 200,000 gold coins.

This was one of the first pieces of our “Magical Tools” series utilized by the gunslingers, specifically by the red-haired ruffian that followed after the older gentlemen. It was used, as intended, to launch a series of guided fireballs at the enemy. However, the item is meant to be used sparingly and given a cooldown period of five minutes between casts. The gunslinger in question did not heed this instruction despite it being clearly labeled on the staff, leading to the item quickly overheating and exploding.

Item #4444: Zarn’s Ethereal Dagger

Status: Missing

Projected Market Value: 350,000 gold coins.

The second item used by the gunslingers, specifically the red-haired gentleman once again. Zarn’s Ethereal Dagger is, or was, a item of great importance to our collection that we took great pains in finding. It’s ability enables it to displace whomever is stabbed, resulting in the enemy being transported to a random dimension or reality. However, the user needs to remain in contact with the dagger, otherwise it will be taken along with the opponent. The younger gunslinger threw the knife, lodging it into a mech unit of the Bookburners. This caused the unit to disappear, but also resulted in the loss of an artifact of great importance.

Item #35669: Grom’s Atomic Cannon

Status: Depleted

Projected Market Value: 1,000,000 gold coins.

The third item used by the gunslingers, this time by the oldest gentleman whom I recalled being called “Gildhel.” Mr. Gildhel, cornered by a trio of bookburners, grabbed Grom’s Atomic Cannon and proceeded to open fire. Now, for those without a keen eye for rare goods, they would no doubt see this weapon as an ordinary atomic rifle. However, this was the only known weapon in existence to utilize a rare mineral known as “Crotium.” From some preliminary tests we performed, our workers judged it to only have a few volleys left before becoming entirely depleted. Once its fuel was gone, so too was any chance of discovering the process behind utilizing Crotium in future weaponry.

Note: I am willing to shave off 20,000 gold coins in light of Mr. Gildhel using said weapon to save my life. However, in doing so he ruined one of my favorite coats and therefore shall incur another 10,000 gold coins in damages.

Item #7677: Sword of Intelligence

Status: Depressed

Projected Market Value: 500,000 gold coins.

The fourth item used by the gunslingers in their bloody escapade through Fortune Square. This sword was imbued by the late Archwizard Martath with a magic that granted it sapience. Previously, before the gunslinger known as Marlowe got his hands on it, the sword had a rambunctious but positive attitude and was eagerly awaiting a buyer to purchase it. However, this attitude has now been replaced with one of gloom and melancholy. The gunslinger wielded the Sword of Intelligence and carved a path through the Bookburners, giving his companions an opening. In doing so, he revealed to the Sword its true purpose as a tool of war and since then it has developed quite the negative attitude. As such, prospective buyers have plummeted significantly and chances of the weapon being bought are extremely slim.

Item #8799: Gem of Desire

Status: Obliterated

Projected Market Value: 2,000,000 gold coins.

The fifth item used by the gunslingers and second item used by the individual by the name of “Marlowe.” The Gem of Desire’s original purpose was to grant the user untold magical powers so long as such power was used in pursuit of something they greatly desired. The purpose it was actually used for was much more barbaric and downright deplorable. The gunslinger threw the Gem at whom I presume was the commanding officer of the Bookburners and shot it mid-flight, detonating all the pent up magical energy held within. The ensuing explosion erased the existence of the Bookburner commander and his squad of soldiers, but also destroyed two stalls full of goods waiting to be examined.

Note: I will be adding an additional 20,000 gold coins to the list, as many of the goods in said stalls showed promise as future products.

Item #9562: Messenger Pigeons

Status: Damaged

Projected Market Value: 400,000 gold coins.

The sixth item used by the gunslingers, specifically by the red-haired ruffian as mentioned in earlier documentation. The Messenger Pigeons are a series of mechanical contraptions devised by the great inventor, Henry Buchanan. They take the form of regular pigeons and are capable of a variety of features not limited to; active camouflage, speeds exceeding 100 mph, and voice recognition. Yet again, we saw the gunslingers use an item not in it’s intended capacity as the red haired delinquent proceeded to attach a grenade to it before instructing it to “deliver this message to those fuck-heads over there.” The pigeon, unaware of the cargo it was carrying, flew into the center of the Bookburner platoon and was caught up in the ensuing explosion. Luckily, Mr. Buchanan designed his Messenger Pigeons to be highly resistant to explosives and damage to the item was minimal. However, it’s flight module was damaged and as such is nearly useless for those seeking to use it for its intended purpose.

Item #15677: Archwizard's Ermin's Vacation Snow Globe

Status: Destroyed

Projected Market Value: 180,000 gold coins.

For the sake of brevity, this will be the last item listed on this specific document. The item in question was a snow globe designed by Archwizard Ermin that was capable of taking the users into a arctic pocket dimension held within. He had originally designed it to be able to go on small mini-vacations to a frozen tundra without any of the risks of such an escapade. The gunslinger Gildhel utilized it to trap a division of Bookburner flame troopers and proceeded to stomp on the snow globe, destroying the pocket dimension. In my personal opinion, it goes without saying that such a brutish action was completely unnecessary and only led to the destruction of an artifact highly prized for it's unique and desirable features.

What I have listed today is only a small fraction of the goods damaged or outright destroyed by this trio of rowdy gunslingers. Again, I fully understand their importance in saving the Library from the Bookburner threat and their significance in sealing the opening the enemy had created. Still, Fortune Square can not be run on good feelings and well wishes alone. Whether it is the Library or these individuals that pay for the damages incurred is of little significance, so long as the amount is paid in full up front or through installments. Below, I've attached the estimated full amount and subtracted what I believe to be a good sum in exchange for their part in aiding the Library. I'd also like to request a meeting with the Library's officials at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss prices.

Best regards,

Ral Cindertide, Manager of Fortune Square

Estimation of total damages incurred in Fortune Square: 7,660,000 gold coins.
Discount for efforts in repelling the Bookburner threat: 300,000 gold coins.
Total Amount: 7,360,000
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