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Snugglezog (right) represented in his rare Black Rectangle Manifestation, during a holiday at the Yog-Sothoth Botanical Theme Park.

The entity known as Snugglezog is a benign and benevolent explorer of the Exotic and the Esthetically Interesting. He is the bibliological equivalent of a magpie and will pick and any books that are shiny enough to attract his attention, regardless of their inherent worth.

Sordid waterfront bookstores where the sullen readers go blind perusing denatured knowledge1. Majestic forests where the slumbering trees await the day when they will be collecting dust on forgotten bookshelves. The ziggurats of Bukh where garishly illustrated volumes flip their pages and dance to the glory of the All-Writer. These are all home to Snugglezog.

Within the Library he can usually be found in one of the more cozy recesses, cuddled up with opuscules of loose virtues.

Conjured Visions:

Make Like A Tree

Hither and Thither

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Hips of Fools

The Antarctic Model: A Failed Experiment In Ecological Engineering

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