Sole Singularity: The Works of Cyren Pligmolon
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On your many excursions into this magical place, you have often ignored this dinky section of the Library.

However, whether intentional or by happenstance, you have finally decided to explore this aisle. After walking for several minutes, you make your way to Row 3 of Section 15634. You notice a collection of articles and books, all of which gathered nicely on a shelf just above your head.

You stand on the tips of your toes and extend your arm, reaching haphazardly towards the collection. After nudging it softly for a few seconds, you're able to knock it down to the ground. After a loud thump and a prayer that nothing was damaged, you retrieve what appears to be an old newspaper clipping and begin reading its contents…



<— PAGE 1 JULY 2ND, 2622 PAGE 3 —>


Now Is Not the Time to Fear, but to Embrace

BY: Unknown Author

This home that we call Earth is full of flaws. Completely ridden with people who will never quite amount to their own expectations. However, after today — such pesky shortcomings forever disappear. The concept of war, crime, poverty, and world hunger will all fade away as we each come together. To our new home, provided to us by our very own technology. By our own creations.
The Singularity is coming for each of us. The Forefathers have done well in their progress to test our newly simulated home. Now, it is time for each of us to become enlightened. To join a world of our creation. As technology and machinery have fused together to provide us with peace and nirvana, we shall begin to reap the benefits of our evolution.

We shouldn't be afraid! Ever since the dawn of technology, we knew that such a day like this might come. The world progresses in cycles and now this time — we conclude the end of ours. The end of mortality, and the end of suffering. What some holy Scriptures might convince us as being merely impossible has now become reality. Right in front of our very eyes.
I cannot say that this does not come without sacrifice. But then again, what doesn't? The world as we know it has been changing since the dawn of existence. Constantly fluctuating between the necessary and the optional. Right now, our progression into our newfound utopias has been deemed a necessity. Whether or not we might be prepared now is irrelevant. What matters is that we must answer the call.
Together, we shall grow past our mortal bodies and live as one inside of Our Creator

How odd, you think to yourself.

With your curiosity aptly piqued, you decide to take a look at the rest of the books below your feet. Each are decorated in a variety of colors and designs. You find one at random, and decide to take a peek at its contents. After reading the title page, you quickly deduce that these books appear to be collections of some sorts, all though you're unsure of what they're about, or who wrote them.

You decide to take a further look at the book in your hands. After flipping to the next page, you see a table of contents and decide to skim through…

After another skim through the table, you lay the book back where you found it.

Are there more of these books? You ask yourself, searching around the pile of loose articles and books at your feet. After a minute, you suddenly notice something in the corner of your eye. A sheet of paper lying face down amongst all of the others. You decide to pick up the paper and promptly begin reading it…


Welcome to the Sole Singularity Hub! This hub details a collection of stories that occur after a Singularity event across the world, where people and technology mesh together as one.

That's all you fucking get! Stay tuned for an update to this page! It's currently late as shit and the authors didn't want to write this down yet until we had all of our articles posted!

"Huh," you say, flipping the page over in case you missed something. Was it really that simple?

The sounds of fluttering above indicates that you've spent enough time in this section. After cleaning up the mess of pages that still lay on the floor, you decide that it's time to leave.

As you walk away, you can't help but ponder on what you read today. How would it feel to live in a world of your own creation? Could you make yourself fly? How ripped could you make yourself before you were "too jacked?"

Such questions may forever linger in the back of your mind as you make a path towards the nearest Way home…

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