some thoughts about rain
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it splatters
on the stone
front walkway,
it streams off
the rooftop
into the gutter,
it weighs down
the broad leaves
and thin branches.

it makes tents
collapse during dinner,
it thoroughly drenches
the sleeping bags,
it completely ruins
tomorrow's clothes,
it snuffs out
the warm fire.

it makes me feel
like i can find safety
forever in a world
of wind instruments
and large polygons
while i sit at my desk
in my bedroom with
the lights off listening
to video game soundtracks
from the nintendo 64,
it makes me believe
that i'll never have
to worry about doing
my taxes or about
the history of parkinson's
disease in my family.

it makes the grass
grow into patches
of bright green
skyscrapers that
stand tall and
strong against
lawn mowers and
gray sneakers and
strong winds and
hoa boards and
the flow of time
like rainwater
pouring out of
the gutters and
onto the garden.

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