Song of Sugar
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One may swim and sing
only to have their vector-tumble-vector disrupted
by the currents. One will have to find its own sugar.
The universal solvent is uncaring.
One may express limited information,
or scavenge the information of others.

A current may sweep one into other
unfortunate places. No flagellation-vector can save one from light's sting.
The editors may protect one's information
from syntax errors. One may be ruptured,
universal solvent causes lysis uncaring.
All that remains is sugar.

How much sugar
may one understand? One may know few compared to others.
One may adjust one's bearing
only to vector-tumble at a hostile metabolism, a song
of phagocytosis. Disruption
of this cycle requires a piece of naked information

to provide the inspiration
for the expression of a sugary
unity. One insulates from destruction
while encapsulated and is allowed among the others.
Quorum is sensed. As they sing
a unity synthesized with care.

TATAAT! We bring our expression to bear.
Trade is established. The synchronicity of our information
subsumes one into the unity. Singularity!
Cohabitation is won though the synthesis of sugar.
Light no longer has the power to force other
expressions. One calls and all answer in rapture.

Individuality is ruptured,
Motility is abandoned for adhesion. We know the disruptive
toxin. We know to take care to evade detection by hostile others.
We have defended from hostile information.
Our fermentation degrades the sugar.
All are united in song.

Others may oppose our harmony and sing
a discordant note but this disruption will not ruin our sugar.
None shall dare to disrupt our biofilm, lest we express dangerous information.

Decoded from an abnormally large plasmid isolated from a colony of Methanobrevibactor smithii in North Dakota. Original sequence on file. Translator unknown.

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