Sorcery and Sorcerers
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Humanity has, of course, developed a vast number of ways and traditions on how to achieve feats impossible to wholly mundane minds and hands. The vast majority of these methods deal with summoning and dealing with demons and other spirits, sometimes unknowingly. Becoming a thrall to a demon or spirit, or binding such entities to service, are the fastest, easiest, and riskiest ways to achieve great power.

The true difference, speaking from a mechanical standpoint, between different types of sorcerers is a matter of energy focus. All feats of sorcery manipulate various forms of energy in the course of altering reality, and often have effects greater than the ones strictly desired. This extra energy must be directed at a focus.

When sorcery is performed through the use of a spirit, it is the spirit who must direct and channel the energy. Malignant spirits such as demons may use this energy to harm the sorcerer, empower themselves, or use it for other goals; for example, the purpose of sacrifices during rites, when necessary, is often to be the vessel for unwanted negative energies.

Though these considerations of energy are important to think about for conjurers dealing with demons and spirits, it is mostly a matter of proper preparation and caution. However, for true sorcerers, those who empower change within reality through their own means, and not through the means of a demon or spirit, the matter of energy is a matter of vital importance.

True sorcerers are few, for this path is neither easy, nor fast, nor safe, and even small mistakes risk great consequences. Being a sorcerer of true caliber requires a vast array of skills that all may not come to possess and perfect, even with persistent training. Sorcery is, by its very nature, something just beyond the comprehension of mortal minds and hearts.

But predictions can be made. Reagents, glyphs, incantations, and one's own will among other things can be used to direct or focus unwanted energies. Often, this results in a physical change to the focus, as the summoned energy and its focus warp and then stabilize. This is the reason using one's own body or mind as a focus for energy can be deadly, and the tradition of The Unbound a most foolish one.

— Roxana the Helot

Book of Eleven Hours, Volume I

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