Springtime Blues
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There is still snow on the ground
even now, in early April
I cannot leave my home, the drifts
oppress the neighborhood
school has yet been closed down
For six odd days now
I am living in a blizzard

my lungs breathe cold air
Circulate it through my body
my head is trapped in a snowglobe
and all I can do is watch as
crystalline sadness
Falls to the earth

I see out the window
my heart, chill with wind
icy, like the frost
But beautiful, seeing as
such tender snow outside,
yet undisturbed by man
Is the most serene
I have seen

I long for springtime,
being inside for too long is
I think, bad for the soul
birds freeze midflight
dropping to the ground like

my friends have not seen me
community is important to those
Whose hearts are like the storm
strong like the tempest,
yet hard and angry
I must gaze upon that sweet
undisturbed snow, and yet again
be reminded of
My love

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