Stars wait for no man.
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The Abyss is an infinitude,

Unknown and unknowable.

Creatures with mouths over throats

Seek insight into their existence,

Gazing at that which only gazes back.

They choke as they look,

Windpipes bent awkwardly,

Tears trickling from their eyes.

Windows reflecting

A goal, unachievable.

Eyes peer into darkness

Searching for more and more,

Yearning, hoping, desiring.

But not doing, never going,

Weeping at the beauty beyond reach.

A number tried

Reaching out to the void,

But the others scoffed,

Drowning the doers with tears.

All While they rested,

Their asses in the dirt.

An eternity separates

That which seeks

And that which is sought.

Eternity only grows as they gaze on,

Dreaming, but not doing.

Stars wait for no man.

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