Static of Nirvana
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"Are we not dice rolls on the desk of time?

In the nature of mankind, are we the masters of our domain or just another set of fools thinking we can control the fates?

Which brain is more real: the one that is supposed to be in your head, or the one you can imagine when you think your brain being in your head?

If I cut a Melon that can be cut into 10 even pieces into 9 pieces, does that mean that I made a mistake or the number 10 does not exist?

If I make a house out of Legos, and then crumble it up to make something else, where does the house go?

If I start cutting pieces off of you, at what point do you cease to be you?

Does the black moon howl?

If a man puts a key into the door and it opens the door, does the key open the door or does the mechanism activated by the key open the door? Who truly opened the door?

The Sentient Being who put the key into the mechanism, the key, or the mechanism itself?

If the Universe is only your perception, does that mean that your closest allies and most hated enemies are just a part of you?

What happens when you move leftward in time?

What is the sound of three hands clapping?

What is the deal with Grape Nuts?

How do you get a trapped goose out of a bottle without breaking the bottle or harming the goose?

Who is wiser, the man who has nothing, and desires everything, or the man who has everything and desires nothing?

If a Blind Man knows how to wield the sword but the Seeing man does not, who is the true seer?

What is worse, killing a man who has done nothing, or saving a man who has killed many?

Why ask for whom the bell tolls, when one can simply remove the clapper?

If the deaf man can do fractions but the limbless man counts on his fingers, who will hit the ground first?

If two shots are fired at the same time, who shot first?

Who is wiser, the man who has read a thousand books or the man who is dead?

If I handcuff myself am I the warden or the prisoner?

There is an out-of-control fire in your house. What one thing would you remove?

If two trains leave from Sacramento and Tuscaloosa going in opposite directions at 50 miles per hour, will they ever get anywhere?

If I have three apples and two oranges, and I am given a bunch of grapes, what do I have?

Which is worse: Speaking of a man's death so that it happens again, or depicting it in portrait so it happens forever?

Why does a dog beg when it knows all it will get is scraps?

When you name That Which Can Not Be Named, where does it go?

Which is more vulgar: to let a text speak obscenities, or to censor those obscenities and make the reader say them in their minds?

Who can make a question with exactly 20 letters?

Does a question without answer mean it is not a question?

If we say something is indescribable, have we not just described it?"

-The One With Nirvana

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