Stay Here, Draw Spaceships
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There is no 'north' in the Library, but, by some strange twist of magnetism, there is a 'west'. Follow your warped and weary compass long enough, and you’ll arrive at Third Port Off Left – a gnarled mass of tubing where bookshelves fade gracefully into steel banks of solid-state drives. It’s largely deserted, opening as it does into an otherwise unremarkable liminal space, but still occasionally finds use amongst those seeking cosmic inspiration.

For a period of around twelve weeks at some indeterminate point in recently ancient history1, the Port was home to notorious criminal Holcombe Efferthwaighte. He naturally fled the scene before he could be apprehended; several of his journals were left behind, however, and are collated here both as evidence, and for their artistic merit.

Each entry in each journal consisted of a sketch or series of sketches, and a short caption or description. They are believed to refer to vehicles or locations Efferthwaighte witnessed passing briefly through Third Port Off Left’s permeable event boundary. No entity depicted has since been encountered in any other reality, but the search is rather like locating a blunt needle in a pile of sharp ones. That is to say lengthy, painful, and ultimately without point.

We hope, dear reader, that you enjoy the collection in spite of its sordid and nefarious origins. May your air remain clear, your future bright, and your warp engines fully compatible with local physics.

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