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Dry, still air
with a tinge of sweetness on my lip
the streetlight stands
at the end of the road,
a watchful guardian for those
too young to protect themselves.

It follows me still
though different in form
aged and weathered and worn
but remaining the same orange light
a sodium vapor heart.

You are sanctuary
on cold nights and lonely hours
I can rest my head
on your luminous shoulder
the one moment this crushing world
seems to abate.

Rain and snow and choking ash
You remain, always vigilant
Your sodium glow never dimmed
even when the burning winds of change
assail us from all sides and as the
little-deaths of doubt and remorse and insecurity
tear at our foundations like a pack of wolves
gnawing and gnashing and screaming ever so
quietly in our battered ears
while the world seems to decay around us
and the daytime seems so foreign
a thousand disembodied voices whispering
from unseen corners.

It was always you and me.
Always our copper veins and glass eyes and
sodium vapor hearts.
The streetlight and the lone girl beneath it.
always, and forever.


Art by Jaxim0sPr1me

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