Tale of a Dusk Bunny
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In a forest somewhere, known by just those who care,
Lies a seer in a glade, lying alone unafraid.
The time is of night, but filled with moonlight,
And so is permitted the rarest of sights.

A bunny of sun, with ears of the moon
Comes to the patch and breaks through the gloom.
With a flourish of its ears and a gesture with its paw,
It calls forth to the seer, who had shockingly saw.
The call says to come forward and follow all night
And the seer, still young, cannot resist as he might.

He heads off into the woods, in pursuit of the beast;
Over branches and twigs, not a care in the least,
Only watching for trails and glowing ghost-lights,
Heading off towards the worst of his times.

A few seconds past, he stumbles on mud,
Tripping and scraping, drawing twice blood.
He looks up at the bunny, who had bounded ahead,
And was right away filled with a feeling of dread:
The strange light-beast had stumbled into a cave
And the boy had followed, feeling so brave.

Once he enters the rock, the seer uses his sense
In an attempt to divine where the bunny had went.
His instincts then drive him to the way of the hare…
Only to be met by a growling bear.

From initial shock to subsequent fear,
The boy in a cloak runs, mind no longer clear.
He rushes on through the trees of moonlight,
Tripping away in the last night of his life.

Still in the forest, he then loses his way,
Left alone and unguided by the rabbit of day.
Thinking the best, he searches around
And hears the most wicked and terrible sound.

Whether it was a moan of despair or a malice-filled shriek,
The young, gangly seer has no time to speak;
A blue spirit like a sorcerer, with legs of a hind
Forces the boy to a tree, wasting no time.
Cornered by a spectre, trapped and consumed,
The young boy dies, a lifetime too soon.

And so he is led to a death unlike most;
If only he finished his training with ghosts…

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