Tales From Exile
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1. The Man Who Fell To Earth

I fell to Earth today,
And along the way
I saw a flash of great light
It lit the night
And as I fell I thought,
Of all that I’d been taught
Of all the places I’ve seen,
And all the people I’ve meant to be.

And though the fall wasn’t far,
Now I know how it feels to be a star
Marooned in outer space, lost without a place
Locked away from the beauty of your face
It's really not too bad, almost peaceful
Like a scripture of the bible
The swirling in my head died down
As I flew down towards uptown

Angel Danny to Earth,
Having his Heavenly rebirth
Angel Danny to Earth
Stuck on the ground, lost from the church
Thrown into a cosmic search

And when I hit the streetwalk,
I was one of their own
To share their beds
Wear their clothes
Live in their home
Gone where my wings
And other angelic things
They had made me who I am
Now I'm just like any other man.

2. The Mall

The angel in white shuffled towards the shopping mall
His feet dragged on the sidewalk,
His skin was white as chalk,
Inside his head, his brain was thumping.
A stranger he passed asked, "Hey man are ya crazy or something?"
The angel's eyes widened, as he looked around the plastic maze,
lit up by a neon blaze, clouded with a smoky haze
Shoving open a door,
Barely alive, he fell to the floor
as pressed his head up against the restroom wall

He let it rest of a moment, shutting his eyes
All around him he can hear the cries
Of the good men tangled up in wicked lies,
who live in a world where last goodbyes are romanticized.
Where men in glass towners advertise to hypnotize,
the teen's who idolize that which can never be humanized

Society's attempts to organize, often leaves people criminalized when what is fast is true, and permanently fixed like a tattoo.
But what we have gained can never replace virtue.
Each person's own demise comes as no surprise, to those who watch with eager eyes.

The angel in white shuffled away from the shopping mall
He pressed his head up against the restroom wall.
Nothing had been the same since his fall,
Waist deep, he was swimming in it all.
Wading through the rivers of sin,
hiding from the beast within.
Pretending it's not there,
as you cower away in fear
With his purpose unclear,
and the voice in his ear,
it was hard to say he could even care.

3. Lady Fluorescent

Hot as an atom, beautiful as a neon sign,
she stalks into the club, skipping straight past the line.
In her hand, she carries a cane of hardwood pine.
It taps at her side like a drum, perfectly in time.

Well, it's a Wednesday night,
she's all dressed up in red
and already she knows exactly what's in your head
And she'll give you what you want, just out of spite.

You begin to talk, and without saying a word, you feel yourself heard.
She has a way about her, a style beyond mind.
And you want to go with her, all though you can't say why.
You know you can't have her, no matter how you try.
But she has other offers.

With a hand full of white dust,
she forever seals your trust.
Never again will you be free,
when you've seen what you've seen
it's the only way to be.
And Lady Fluorescent will always be on the scene.
With her red dress, and atomic smile
As she pumps you full of bile.

And time marches ever on,
your lost in the rhythm of a song.
Days stretch like shadows under the setting sun
Time lasting forever, yet you have none.

Lady Fluorescent is never far away.
You follow behind her heels like a stray.
Bond to her will, bond to each thrill.
Bond to something that by the end, you would rather kill.

4. Neon Soul

My heart feels so high,
it's light in my chest,
Already glass men walk by,
dressed in Sunday best
I don't think you could see them,
but it wouldn’t hurt to try.
All those years that I could fly,
I never knew how good it could feel, floating this high

My heart is slipping away from me, drifting through an open mind,
past shapes of sound, and walls of light
dance around me like a thousand suns,
beating in my ears like distant drums
A lady in a blue smiles my way,
with teeth white as snow.
Everything feels so different today,
she took my hand and showed me where to go

My heart is growing further now,
it's nearly out of sight
Lost beyond the walls, where mind and matter collide
Lost in the time-space where cosmic gods decided
The fate of you and I
Above me, my soul pulsed like neon,
Floating in the air, like the heart of a demon.
Slender flames licked at my face,
gone is any holy grace,
and instead comes neon in its palace.

5. Private Thoughts of an Angel

I want to go to the Silver City,
I want to make a spark and set myself alight and burn away.
Because something once started their,
I don't care, I've got no fear.
You can't live and die in one place.

Two steps forward for each one back,
I need something to get my mind on track.
It'll take me a while to finally arrive,
but I'll get out of this world alive.

How I wish, I wish in vain
I could live free of pain again.
All the riches, at the drop of a hat.
I'd give them up gladly if my life could be like that.

I lived in a world of black and white.
Were it was all too easy to tell wrong from right.
But now some questions can't be satisfied.
And I need answers that can't be supplied.

I want to go to the Silver City.
I want to throw myself beneath the ocean waves, let the tides carry me down.
I need someone to take this crown.
The thorns have made me bleed,
Separating me from the air I breathe.

Now the air tastes like molten tar
It rips at me like a jaguar
The sparks like bullets bark,
and I hide away in the dark.
Lost in lonely exile, Caught on cosmic trial.

Once, I trusted in fortune, but I'm not the man I was before.
These days, I'm not so sure.
It can lead you astray
Following it can make you lose your way

I want to go to the Silver City.
I want to hide from the beast beyond.
But like salt and ash, we have a bond.
A tie that binds, and a light that blinds.
Neither one can escape.
I see him in my dreams,
yet I know not what he means.
A monster of gold, a heart so cold.

Already I know the Silver City offers no release.
He is a plague that will never cease.
He will never leave me in peace.
Only the stardust can carry me away,
it's all that keeps me going, day to day.
It’s all that keeps the demons at bay.

6. Mr. White

Mr. White walks in, dressed in his shark-skin suit
He steps all over you, with his fine leather boots.
He'll build you a tower of sticks and, stones, and bricks.
Then with you inside, he'll push it over just for kicks.

For a man of taste, he puts nothing to waste.
He sees each man as a cog, and each cog has its place.
He'll put you in it, but you'll never see his face.

He's a cunning man, you best keep your distance.
He lives on a globe of levers and pistons.
On his quantum throne, surrounded by glass minions,
he can see that a thousand evil fates,
prowling just outside the gates.
Like the lurking hunter that waits,
he knows we're in dire straights.

With yellow eyes, he sees all that's corrupt on the earth.
As the ocean boils, and the wild waves roar,
he's the one who will answer for
the thousands of crimes committed in his name unknown
as he reigns over fire and brimstone.

He wears a thousand faces and a thousand names,
each one of them to blame.
He's loaded all the guns for men to fire
before he sits back and watches the bodys pile higher.

He plays with lives, like they're his own toys.
They are his to create, shape and destroy.
There is a wicked grin in his eye, as the cold bullets fly.

When a cold wind comes down from space,
he's the one man in the neon glow,
watching as around him as the stars flicker low.
Eternal as the rock, frequent as the aftershock.
He's the eye of the storm, a being without face or form.
From where he came, no man can tell.
Wherever it is, it is far darker than hell.

7. An Ordinary Girl

You met her at the coffee shop, on the corner of First Street.
He saw her, sitting alone in the window seat.
You want to say something, but all you can do
is stop and stare, as she opens her mouth to speak to you.

A face plain as dirt,
dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt
she's not a beauty, but hey she's all right.
She hasn't been to half the places you've been, but it's enough to get you clean.
And she hasn't seen half the things you've seen, but it's enough to set you free.

With a chance, she'll make you good somehow.
And you want to believe,
that she has the power to make you leave.
It's the most you can allow.

The fluorescent lady screams and yells,
about how you've let her down.
But you don't care, because, in her place, you've found
Someone you can tell, she will treat you well.

And you want to travel with her, say the words unspoken
but you know doing so will only leave you more broken.
So instead you follow, living at her side,
while the lonely feelings slowly subside.

And the girl will leave you all too soon,
leave you yearning for just one more look.
But you're just another page in her book.
You consider this as you sit together under the moon.

And like the dawn, you realize what she means.
She has not stumbled on you by fate.
Her path has been lead by something far more great.
You have been made to collide, so you can decide.
Whether or not, you have god on your side.

She sees you for who you are, not who the stardust paints you to be.
And she bargains with you, you're her last desperate plea.
She sees Mr. White, as you see him too.
And she tells you exactly what you know you must do.

8. Private Thoughts of an Angel (Reprise)

In the small hours of night,
thoughts come from beyond sight my sight.
Lady Florescent and Mr. White are grinning.
This is a fight they'll be winning.

I was a humble spirit,
my life was an essay one,
but now some things must be done.
I only want to say,
there must be another way.
I can't stand to bear this burden
Bind me with your lash of poison,
for I can't stand alone.
I see that the world must atone,
but why must I die?
My sacrifice is nigh, but where is my prize?
Must I redeem myself in a thousand eyes?
I'm not so sure now, that I would not die in vain.
Mr. White rules with an ultimate reign.
I know that he would not be so eager to die,
a selfish man, with selfish means, will always survive.

He's built a great glass tower,
the center of his power.
I will venture there,
and kill him where he stands.
This I solemnly swear,
by all the gods of the land.

But how can I keep my vowel?
The beast beyond begins to growl.
I see him, and he sees me.
Each one the others mortal enemy.
Mr. White, he knows me fairly well.
When I rested in Heaven, and he in Hell.
Lady Florescent knows me better than him.
I've been victim to her evil grin.
Both of them are more than men.

Why must it be me? To make the final play?
Will my sacrifice be remembered the next day?
Who but me alone,
will make their crimes known?
It must be me.
And so, I will wear your thorny crown
and feel it burrow into my brow.
I will let it cut me, pierce my tender flesh.
Beat me with the rod and lash,
bind me at once, before I change my mind.

9. Test of Faith

Fire and frost,
spear and blade.
Locked in a war that must be won at any cost.
The angel prepared for his final trade, his last crusade.

His enemies were the horrors that have forever plagued humankind.
They that ensure, trap and bind,
Dressed in armor of blood and iron
they were as horrific as their hellish attire.

The angel wore a plain expression,
despite his rage, he bore no aggression.
In his hand, he held a sword.
In his heart, he held the great Lord.

And as they clashed, the sky became fire.
The warted did boil,
and time itself uncoil.
The world stood still, as the world burnt on its funeral pyre.

Glowing white light,
the Angel held his blade.
And he plunged it into Mr. White,
it found its destination and never once strayed.

But while his head was turned,
He forgot that Lady Floroesent was still armed.
He found that his back was burned,
And she was upon him as he turned.

Clawing at her,
she dodged like a blur.
Seeping her toxic stardust,
she transformed Angel's blade into rust.

It fell from his hand, onto the dirt,
his mind was high alert.
Heart racing, mind pacing.
Soul heavy, bursting like a levee.

Closing his mind,
he let himself walk blind.
Trusting in fortune, he led himself forward.
And his soul pulsed with holy light.
It spit the night.

10. Superstar

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats,
I am the man you've been dying to meat.
A cosmic superstar, with slick grease in my hair.
With Heaven open to all, there's nothing for you to fear.

With all the villains of this story dead,
you can all rest safe in your bed.
Each one of them was a lair,
and it looks like I'm the messiah

It's all been quite a show,
but now I fear it's time to go
Adventure waits for me beyond the stars,
while you're locked in your life of motor cars.

I used to let the cosmic gods decided my fate,
but now I hold all the cards, and I'm never late.
So excuse me, if you please, but I've got a thousand places to be.
Gods to meet, people to see,
Each of them waiting for me.

So, I'll look you up when I next fly by,
I'll drop in and say hi.
Earth is sweet,
and there are so many of you to meet.

I've had the highs, and I've lived the lows.
But now where I stand, god only knows.
Somewhere between right and wrong
Now I live in a different song.
I would love to spend a day or two, but I can't stay that long.
Because you've got bills to pay,
and I just don't have the time.

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