Tales From Lost Continents And Countries

Cassandra M. Ward has dedicated her life to the study of "Lost" Countries, Civilizations and Continents. She has found several of them, and is particularly interested in studying the Continent of Lemuria. Soon, she will assemble a collection of Lemurian Manuscripts, Reports, and Tales for the sake of study, particularly concerning the Era of the Tiger.

Documents Cataloged:

Shylock's Quarter
Conversing with an Argratian Swamp
Sadly Human


Eight farmers had a field
Eight farmers had seeds
The first sowed discord and reaped War
The second sowed metal and reaped Wealth
The third sowed medicine and reaped Plagues
The fourth sowed magic and reaped Fire
The fifth sowed men and reaped Runners
The sixth sowed knowledge and reaped Mystery
The seventh sowed earth and reaped Clay
The last sowed simple seeds, and reaped Grain

-Lemurian Creation Myth, abridged.

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