TBGOL's Song and Lore
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Welcome, fellow Wanderer. Come, sit next to me on the soft grass and let us listen to the songs that drifts with the mellow breeze. You might wonder where they are from, as the songs seems unlike any you've heard before. For all this the light that come from within me, light that warms the heart and enlighten the soul. Now please, enjoy the product of my abilities as I tell you a story.

Lux Vitae

Ah yes, one of my personal favorites. Its mellow melodies will bring you into a world of bliss and peace. Let it surround you, like the smell of wood from the trees, and the bound pages of the books. For this, is Lux Vitae.

Feeling refreshed yet? I hope you are. But now, I think you might want to here a little story. Then after that, let's get into something more adventurous, shall we?

The Legend of Choralius

Long ago on a faraway island, there was fire and there was blood. Land was scorched, and blood was spilt upon the wasted land. A great war was fought between the forces of the Deus Adam and those of Moragia. Another name had been given to her, Lilith the Ash Queen. Her conquest brought death to many upon the island, all of them innocent. Centuries, her reign lasted, bring despair and irreparable damage to the island. This blade once belonged to her, for Choralius was forged as a heirloom to the Chora family.


Artwork by Dr. Lucis

You might wonder why I was so eager to show you this sword, if it brought such dark past. I am the God of Light, why would I hold such a bloodied blade used to slaughter innocents? Well, more recently, another Chora held the sword. Her name was Courtney. For her entire life, those around her hated her for the line she came from. Yet, she fought for the salvation of these people. In the end, she became the queen and brought prosperity to the island


Beware of its fury, for this is the maelstrom that hates. Nothing shall escape its wrath, for it is the pure concentrate of my extraordinary. Prepared to be amazed, fellow Wanderer. This song is not for the faint of heart. Behold, my great glory, captured in song!

Did you enjoy the songs of my light? Oh, you have to go. Farewell, Wanderer. I hope we meet again.

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