Art is powerful
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"Art is powerful."

Viv always loved the idea of artistic items, they would create little sculptures and make drawings or paintings. Their artwork was always abstract and never saw the ways it was meant to be. Viv's mother was a kind but strict woman, she would throw away items that she saw as "evil". This never mixed well with Viv or their plans. It was almost inevitable that this sort of thing wouldn't be tolerated by the young artist, they would rebel eventually.

Viv had created a small clay sculpture of a fox with antlers, it was so beautiful to them. Their mother disproved of their proud creation. With a single blow to the sculpture, their mother smashed it into a small pile of clay. Dis-formed and twisted, the lump of clay just sat there. Viv, horrified and enraged at the same time snapped at their mother and yelled "I wish you were dead!" even though that seemed brutal, it was the right thing in their mind.

Within the few moments of Viv yelling, the clay morphed and grew into a large fox-like beast with empty eyes. It stared down from the table at Viv's mother somehow with a cold glare. She backed up as the beast trudged her way and swung its large, cold paws behind it. Viv ran as far as their legs could take them, the distant sounds of screams and clatter behind them.

Viv came home to see their mother to be gone and the clay in its original form. A fox with peaceful eyes and majestic antlers. They kept sculpting away as if nothing had happened.

Art has great power. Those who pursue it carry that power.

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