The Abandoned Office
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You walked around the dark corridors of the old building, trying to find anything interesting or valuable. Tired, you entered a room; it was an office. It was abandoned for years but still, it was a bit more welcoming, at least that’s what you felt. You sat on the office chair as you looked at the computer, it was on.

There were a few things hung on the wall opposite to the wall; a photo of a man, a map of Nepal, and three khukri of different sizes. There was a small flag of Nepal, a Buddhist prayer wheel, rotating by itself with glowing symbols made from unknown materials and a small idol of Kalbhairav, which you could tell was made from solid 24-carat gold on the office table. Enough valuables for this exploration to be a success.

Wiping the dust off the screen, it was an old CRT monitor from the 1960s or something, with line commands, asking for your name. With curiosity, you entered your name and checked it out.

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