The Amphiptere and the Fruit
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There was an amphiptere one day
Just flying in a lazy way
He was so tired of stealing loot
That he decided to find fruit

The amphiptere then ate an apple,
And felt he had the urge to grapple
Then he ate a pair of pears
At the top of some old stairs

The amphiptere then ate a guava,
Which made him spew out flaming lava
Then he ate a big strawberry,
And made faces that were scary

The amphiptere then ate an orange,
But crashed mid-flight into a door hinge
Then he ate a bunch of grapes,
Watching cats claw up new drapes

The amphiptere then ate a fig
And picked his teeth with willow twig
Then he ate a sun-ripe mango
So sweet it made him want to tango

The amphiptere then ate a plum
And soon he did not feel so glum
Then he ate some passionfuit
Dancing with a tuneful flute

The amphiptere then ate nice dates
And saw his friend lifting some weights
Then he ate an apricot
Looking for another spot

The amphiptere then ate a melon
While he stopped a running felon
Then he ate an avocado
And spoke out with brash bravado

The amphiptere then ate pomelos
And paired them with some tasty Jell-Os
Then he ate some honeydew
That's when he found my lost shoe

The amphiptere then ate a cherry
And found he now felt rather merry
Then he ate some nectarines
From a man with magic beans

The amphiptere then ate a lime
And now was running out of time
Then he ate a peach for fun
And decided he was done.

The amphiptere flew out of town
Now with his frown turned upside-down.
So tell me, since he's gone away
How many fruits he ate today?

One… two…

- A children's rhyme for skipping rope.

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