The Bard's Book, Volume XXXIII


The Bard's Book


'Songs of valour and songs of woe; of comedy and tragedy. With lyrics
of mirth and lyrics of heartache, the Bard sings his song.' ~The Bard.

⫷ Forward ⫸

Good day, reader. It seems that you have found my book. By chance or deliberate? I cannot say. What I can say is that I am Ifan the Bard. I am one of many bards, each one the untold hero who tells the stories of the known heroes. We inspire worlds, catalogue the histories, but most of all we spread a bit of joy and wonder into ordinary lives.

Perhaps you too are a bard, or aspire to be one? Should that be so, my sincerest gratitude to you! While we are an underappreciated kind, we are more essential than the kings whose names are known because of us.

If you are simply here to read, then my gratitude to you as well! We bards are the tellers of stories, but it is the listeners who let bards be bards. So welcome to this book! A volume of stories by one nameless bard who hopes you will enjoy them.

Regardless, with introductions over, the navigation shall ensue, with words and locations to let you become enraptured in a glimpse of this one bard’s life and work.

⫷ Contents Page ⫸

Part One — Fables

Jack of Trades

“'I don’t just weave webs,' He said to me, 'I weave works of art, my traps instruments of death so much finer than all the rest.'”

Part Two — Stories

A Little Bit Of Rounderpede

"Elderpede curled back, his face full of shock. Perhaps a quarter of his limps turned towards the stone archway of the classroom, out towards the crypt at large. 'Get out.' He flatly spoke."

The Bard co-authored this with stop1010stop1010 for the Turf War.

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