The Calico and the 'Brary
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Pitter patter, pitter patter.
Heads turn and papers scatter.
Pages wonder what's the matter
As The Calico comes to the 'Brary.

No one knows where they came from,
if there's several or only one.
But everyone knows when the time comes
for The Calico to appear in the 'Brary.

They appear to people down on luck,
Who cannot keep their lives abuck,
And can truly say that it all sucks
'Til The Calico comes to the 'Brary.

But only when Yuletide arrives,
Where merriment and joy thrives,
Does it happen to change their lives
And The Calico visits the 'Brary.

It could be something very small
Like reunion with a childhood ball.
But you can't truly guess it all
When The Calico comes to the 'Brary.

Do you hear it? The pitter of paws.
You need not worry about the claws.
It's a relief and not just 'cause
The Calico is at the 'Brary.

A quiet meow, a trilling purr.
They have arrived, that's for sure.
Your spirits are lifted, and the cure
is The Calico in the 'Brary.

A poem discovered between the pages of a book detailing the critters native to the Library. Author and origin unknown. Bring up with my sisters? - Alice Chao
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