The City Of Neverwere
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Midabiya, Morisa, 82nd cycle~

I have learned to love. After these many, many years, I have learned to accept the warmth given off by my one and only. The cool wind blows throughout the city, slowly decimating the souls who found themselves lost within its depths. I found it today, deep within the city, rotting away at what held its chains.

The spirits within the city croaked all day long, it was horrible. I could hardly stand the voices echoing around me as I wandered within the city, screaming at me to give them a second shot, to let them free. To think, those who had their whole life to wonder and be free, yet they chose to seclude themselves to the very end, then they expect me to help them? It doesn't matter anyways, they know as well as anyone that I can't help them even if I wanted to.

Heh, a host with no power over those it controls, funny.

Today however, today. Today was great! I found myself wandering throughout the slums of the city, filled with those who had yet to transpire into a pile of dust, and I found her. I found the most beautiful of women, she was such a prize! She wasn't like those other souls, dead and dying alongside each other, like braided corpses, the dead weaved into the weaving. She was alive. She breathed and spoke and sensed and smelled and lived. She was alive and well and I could almost touch her.


Her cotton candy eyes breathed life into everything around her and gave the spirits a touch of what it was like to live. They gathered around her, desperate to feel her warmth engulf their puny bodies. Some even dragged the corpses of others to attempt to bring back the fallen, and she did.

I couldn't constrain myself once I saw her. I needed to see her closer, get a feel of her warmth and embezzle myself in her sunshine. I wanted to give up everything at that moment. Topple the spires of fallen concrete, burn the puny corpses of those fallen souls who failed to achieve their solidarity goal, turn them all back into ash as they once were.

However, I resisted. I pushed against those feral instincts. I had to care for these puny people, even if I simply wanted to see her beauty and grace all for myself. She was alive, that was something she had that all these people didn't. I simply couldn't let myself see her fall. She wandered into the land of the Neverwere, and soon she would be lost if I didn't save her.

She wore no coat. Despite how cold it was, she neglected the clothing she needed. I saw that, and refusing to see her succumb, made it warm. It took much willpower, but I would do anything for my beloved. She.


As I stalked her whilst she wandered without haste nor destination, I pondered how she ended up in this hellhole. Surely she isn't lost like the others, she would have become a cold corpse should that have happened. Could she have stumbled upon this gray haze on accident?

I wish I could see her closer. She was so beautiful.

Inevitably, she found her way out, and it made me sad. She wandered throughout the slums of the city until she found the daylight, a world covered in grass and meadows and wonder.

The city and the grass contrasted each other in a way unknown to the world, only seen truly by me.

The city was dull. It was plain. The city held those who were unable to find purpose within their short lives. It's like a prison, but it isn't holding them captive. At any point they can get up and leave. Find themselves in a new world of life and wonder and freedom. They crave their light so badly, yet the refuse to leave the slums they find themselves in. No matter what, they persist in the horrible situation they find themselves stuck inside forevermore. They find themselves a hole and curl up into it. They cry in that hole, forever contemplating what they could have done to save themselves from finding their way to this place. Inside of them I find myself, those who pity themselves and refuse to get up and move. The most useless lumps of them all.

The grass was the framework to freedom. It was within the reach of many within this treacherous hole. It held many secrets, yet it didn't hesitate to share them with those who were willing enough to step onto it. The grass was the first step into the lands of those who lay awake, alive, seen. They dance and frolic and think that their lives are the bottom of the rings. They tell themselves they are trying way to hard and lay down to rest. They can afford the luxury of taking a break, a moment to rest and recover themselves within a world which persist on whether it wants it to or not. The worlds danced among themselves, slowly attempting to create a limbo where everything is perfect and no one has to do anything and discover nothing.

The city balances out that limbo from occurring. Should they succeed, they will all find themselves trapped within the walls of the city forgotten to man.

The city of Neverwere.

The city of me.

I am the city, and this is my home.

I will have what I want.


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