The Cowardice of Aji Saka
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Start'd our journey by interlopers of faraway land, Adam's lessers wandered as his empire fell unto sand, fulfill'd promises vanish'd monuments once grand. Exiled were they whence the two dragons preside, to the giants-ruled land southern side, and such th' fallen monkeys carry naught but corruption where they hide.

With wisdom and kindness the escapees were welcomed, their needs and wants generously satisfied, and under Dewata Cengkar's providence their enclave prospered. But the mortals carried naught else for lies and curses, deceiv'd those giants with their flesh borne malaises, and thusly damned the noble giants through their fingers.

Fashion'd them a story, of Eve's children within depth of quandary, of malicious Giant diminishing them daily. Bellow'd them of a hero call, luring Aji Saka of the Majeti's lofty hall, scheming wise Giant King's untimely fall. The naive Aji Saka enraged, his true duty and sovereignty abandoned, to right an evil he had perceived.

In a hurry Aji Saka left his sacred armament, trust to his retainer he would later lament, as crisis of distant land appear emergent. Hatch'd his wicked mind of deception, to dispose the Gigantic Monarch of Medang nation, without mere thought of fair adjudication. Of the truth never would he known, for the giants are none of his own, and convinc'd he had of the vengeance the they had sown.

Arriv'd the hero by the sundown, as contemplated the holders of flower crown, upon the King present'd when morning come 'round. Aji Saka volunteered falsely, betwixt malice behind faux sincerity, as the ministers rejoiced cheerfully. Embrace'd his neck with flowers, as demented relief washed through the bystanders, mere facade express'd upon the outlanders.

Awoke he did as the dawn sun rose, his apparent demise perceiv'd frightfully close, suppress'd whispers surround him morose. Royal ministers arrest'd him without delay, through gardens and palaces in colorful array, and the graves his predecessors blissfully lay.

Reached they had unto lightless chamber, his last quiet night brought him no stagger, the Monarch's starry eyes vicious with hunger.

"O majesty the giant king, wise and proud as you are menacing, brought I have to fulfill your morning."

"Famous art thou Aji Saka, of distant Majeti in Jambudvipa, whose mind and prowess transcend Madyapada."

The chamber shook with the sovereign reply, wisely the ministers shorten'd their stay, and the sacrifice's charade thusly blown away.

"Possess'd truly my lord of grand insight, as illuminated for thou of this little insect, whose fate unknown to later intersect. Useless are deceits and schemes, for true wisdom envelops your regimes, but dare I request just one mine dreams?"

By arrogance were the King blinded, of which the malaise of flesh aggravated, and in his malconfidence Dewata Cengkar consented.

"One wish I shall grant, before thou satisfy my own want, to become a feast most pleasant."

Upon the polished marble Aji Saka knelt, removing from his head turban of feathers and pelt, unto the room echoed desperation as he felt.

"Request this servant of land, the size as this headress would expand, within which my people you shan't demand. By yourself must this turban stretched, for your ministry my deception might tricked, but your sight and wisdom mustly utmost trusted."

Eagerly the Monarch snatched the headress, the hero's words he did not much assess, for the island of Jawa he entirely possess. Yet suspected has he of trickery, as with a blade affix'd the turban stationary, and hastily raced Dewata Cengkar across his territory.

Across all the forest and river, rest nor stop the Sovereign ever, yet traveled he was nigh forever. Cover'd the cloth of all the realm's hill, hundreds of miles the Monarch counting still, and at the eastern edges Dewata Cengkar screamed shrill.

"Truly you're but a coward, through deceit stolen the realm I steward, faraway hiding beyond hazard! Curse I shall upon you Aji Saka, that your descendant be plagued by the Naga, and that your brethren be cast upon Naraka!"

Drunk was Aji Saka with his victory, that he heed not of the King's words maledictory, and struck the Monarch unto the waves violent naught bravery. But from the Sovereign nobility yet to be stripped, for instead of death he was transformed, unto white crocodile most illustrious and distinguished.

Ascended Aji Saka unto his unworthy throne, ascrib'd atrocity unto Dewata Cengkar alone, upon him praises in choirs and drone. Yet in truth trapped was the cowardly warrior, for beyond Jawa's beach the white crocodile reigned superior, rage and vengeance boiled for the trickster without valor.

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