The Demon From Ozz
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A Tale from Angelarium: Oracle of Emanations
Possible Chain of Events: 0001
Lead Agent: Lieutenant-Commander Hod Wicks
Second in Command: Commander Leliel Wicks
Commanding Officer: Captain(N) L. K. Zad

I'm not very good at introductions. So I shall describe myself, and if you recognize me then no introductions are necessary.

Antlers. They were sort of sinister. A man with antlers, and a black cotton coat. I believe it was made of stars. Normally you couldn't see my face very well. The fabric of the cloak was a deep red. I walked at a leisurely pace down main-street (the only street). Jingling as I went. Like a bunch of bells ringing. Strange, I know.

Heading to the center of town near the old tree, I knew everyone was starring. Sitting down, I took out a special deck of cards. It glittered in the sunlight. A beautiful indigo blue. No one knew what to do, no one, not even the sheriff, not even the queen. They were perplexed by this creature who just strolled out of the woods as if he… maybe he did.

"My lady," the sheriff began to speak, but was cut off quickly.

"Silence!" She growled from her throne. Her teeth were bared. Her fangs were beautiful, "I am going to talk to this stranger, and figure out exactly what he's doing in my kingdom. You're not talking me out of this one," a chill ran up the sheriff's spine. The queen was rarely this angry. Her blood was boiling, yet she remained porcelain. Off to the woods at once she grabbed her horse, Penelope, and rode off towards the city center. It was going to be a very long day. She knew nothing.

I saw her coming a mile away. Galloping in, all hot and bothered. She wore a yellow dress. Purple hair. Smelled of… honey. Maybe. It's been some time now. You understand, don't you? Anyway, she was absolutely gorgeous. I was head over heels; I smiled at her, perhaps a little too widely. It frightened her. My teeth do not look like fangs, although they are quite sharp. She stopped her horse at once, and walked slowly towards me. "Good morning," I said enthusiastically, teeth shimmering, "How did you sleep?" She was very confused.

"How did I-?" she didn't feel quite right. It was an absolutely stunning day, might I add.

I simply lifted my head a bit. "I slept quite well as a matter of fact. Had this amazing dream! Hmmmm…" you have to pause for dramatic effect, "Maybe I shouldn't tell you about this dream in particular," her attention was mine. She fell from her horse, and I was there to catch her. She was dizzy. Understandable; a common symptom. "Perhaps I'll tell you another time. For now," She was moaning, "Let us take a seat," I set her down at the trunk, even tucked a pillow under her royal skull. Where did I get the pillow? What pillow?

It took a minute or two, or three, but she awoke. At the moment she opened her eyes, I was selecting a flower from nearby to show her my affection. She tried to sit up right quickly, but her legs were… numb. She could move her arms, but they were insufficient. She screamed. They always do. Natural reaction. "Free me from this spell at once! I am Queen Ruby of the kingdom of The Evergreen. You have entered the capital city Fuchsine, without my permission! I demand to know how you got passed my elite guardsmen!" She was pissed. I liked that about her. I snapped my fingers, and her arms and legs appeared to be once again under her complete, and full control, and she punched herself in the face.


"Oh, apologies my queen," I stood from a sitting position just using my legs. She jumped. I bowed eloquently, "It's a pleasure to make your incandescence."

Who speaks like that? Wait what is that smell? She wondered.

I stood back up slowly not breaking eye contact with her. "My name is Wraith Knight Zealot Hod - Hod Wicks, for short."

That name… A sticky one to be sure. She knew it from when she was a child.

"I am what you would understand as a Demon," I have to admit that we do need another word, but if we say that we are angels they are scared all the same and even seem to trust us less, so might as well just get it over with.

She felt a stabbing pain of instant fear.

Oh sh-

"I mean you no harm although I know that doesn't do your people any good. I still think it's good to say, you know, for security protocols. I am here to offer my services to this great kingdom, and especially to you, my lady." she was blushing very red. She was very afraid. My smile broke. She relaxed. I took a deep breath in, and out. My eyes became visible under the hood, as the light seemed to change just right. I like wearing golden glasses, but the eyes are… blue. "Apologies, your highness," I bowed again, slower this time, guiltily. She took a few steps back. I stood up right, slowly again, gently, not making eye contact with her until I was eye level. She stopped.

"A demon?" I cracked my knuckles out of reflex. She was only a little startled, still on edge. I know I would be. "What are these services you offer us? My father told me never to trust demons. Although… you're the first one I've ever really met." She searched for why that would be. Funny thing about that, she never did get told why demons are not to be trusted. It's a pretty good reason too. Helps a bit if you're overly superstitious about reality.

"Indeed your highness, I have come a long way to see, well, who ever wants to listen to what I have to say really." She raised an eyebrow. It's a tricky thing to explain a world that exists almost entirely out of her understanding. I thought of the world outside the evergreen. Red dust. I reminded myself why I was here. We cannot let this go on any further. These sovereign people deserve to know the truth. I pulled my focus back to the now. "What I mean to say is I come from what you would understand as the far flung future." Both eyebrows raised now. "Although before you agree to anything… I must warn you, the future is a grim place. It has changed much from what you know. Much of what I am told by the cards," She noticed that there was a slight hum, coming from right beside her. She eyed the box. It did not look real to her. Perhaps she had seen them in a dream.

Were they made of… she came close to understanding something that could not be according to the laws she knew. The box twitched, and shook.

"is on a need to know basis." She snapped back to me, the box was now in my hand, being placed into my coat pocket. "I am not told a complete future. Merely, I can take very good guesses with a little help. It won't always turn out the way I say, or perhaps my words will be misunderstood, but I do not lie. I ask the same in return,"

"What do you mean?" She was mesmerized. Out of her body; her thoughts could be summarized by: floating.

"I ask for you to tell me the truth, should I ask a question. Now, it is your choice of course whether you lie to me or simply don't answer at all. The truth is painful sometimes, I know. However, should you decide to tell the truth, the cards will show you incredible scenes of wonder." I'm a little cliché I guess. She said she had to go and think about all I've said. I nodded my head, she nodded hers, and rode back to the castle. I sat under my tree, now seeing people come out of their homes, mostly children. The parents were very worried. I took a deep breath, and began to shuffle the cards into place.

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