The doodles of a bored, unartistic, octopus man.
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Hey, this is my doodle scrapbook. Why are you looking in it? Its mine. But, if you must, you can take a peek at the shit I've drawn. Just remember that I'm not renowned in this place as an artist. Anyways, if you find this thing lying on the floor somewhere, I'm sorry you got mine instead of a cooler one. Anywho, please return this to the Main Desk or the Guidance Officer Desk in the Main Hall.


What I was.

This is what I used to look like before I went and Slip 'N SlideTM-ed into the Library. When I was given the ultimatum of retaining a semblance of my former shape or becoming a full page, I chose to sort of look like me. The job still morphed me though, making me taller, less stocky. This is the image from my driver's license. Cameras didn't exist in my reality.


What I am.

Don't have much to say here. This is me. I don't have that jacket anymore though. Got fucking dissolved by the acid geysers in the Duumloch last week. I've been rocking a crewneck alternating with a hoodie more recently. I was very bored when I drew this one. It was nine o'clock on a Saturday, and the Main Hall was straight up empty. No one to guide that entire night. Thus, doodle.


What I may become?


No. No! No this can't be true! He has to be lying.


Look out for this fucking thing.

This guy comes in, right? Thankfully, the Main Hall was mostly empty, except for Patch, a clown lookin' guy, and myself. So this dude pops in through one of the Ways, and it's this weird humanoid storm cloud with lightning flashing through it, and then this dog thing comes in after it. Damned dog grabs a little rat that was running through (the rat's name is Wumbo if you care), and then this fucking dog just starts squeezing the life out of the thing. Had to tell the guy off and tell it to keep its dog on a leash, but it hasn't really taken that to heart. So, I decided to be proactive and made a template for some posters so people are aware of this mongrel stalking the shelves. Showed it to the Gatekeeper (that's the dog's owner's name) and it just laughed at it. God, I hate that dog.


It's batman. Shit that's taken… uh manbat… nope that one is too.

Dang, this might be the first drawing I've stuck in here that looks ok! Like, I shaded it! Not well, mind, but still. Good for me. Yipee. I had been reading some old tomes about 'mythological' monsters from various realities and cultures. I noticed a common theme of the creatures having vaguely similar faces to the dominant race of that reality. Designed this one after humans. Kinda like a bat/pterodactyl, but inspired by this thing called a sphinx. Would've gotten some actually decent paper to sketch it on, but I didn't have any, and last time I ripped out the back blank page of a book to draw on, Malaise reprimanded me by making me clean Missy the Giant Orca's tank for a month.


He didn't actually say that, I just thought it was funny.

This wacko showed up a few weeks ago. Ran into the hall, then seemed to start having a panic attack. I didn't pay attention though; it wasn't my job. I drew him while he was waiting in line at the Main Desk one day, but I had to go pretty quick, so I just grabbed whatever was closest to me. Of course, it had to be a notebook and ugly colored pen. Oh well.


Beware those that Neverwere.

Always watch out for the Neverwere. I have no idea where this image came from. It just kind of appeared in my scrapbook, drawn in fluorescent pink blood. I tried to remove it, but every time I closed my scrapbook after ripping it out, the image just reappeared. Not sure what to do about it. I even brought it to one of the Archivists, but they couldn't figure out what was going on either. Very unsettling. Just a working theory, but I think those other marks around it are failed Neverwere.


My friend S4m.

I made S4m stand there for like five solid minutes to draw her and it came out… just ok. First time really trying to draw a human figure, so its alright I suppose. She laughed at it though when she saw it, and I proceeded to telepathically play loud ACDC music in her head for the next two hours.


Reginald. If you ever see this thing, run for your life or it will be over real fucking quick.

Fucking hell. Even the drawn concept arts of him have changed. Oh god, oh shit! Why'd we have to make that goddam ad?


M'm! M'm! Good!

I found an encyclopedia about a reality where a soup company took over an entire planet and put it under a brutal fascist regime. The Campbell's Soup Company had an army called the Bellringers, and this dude was their general; the Chef. I very roughly traced the image in the encyclopedia, then took some liberties with details, since the image was pretty poor quality. Real interesting read though. I definitely recommend giving it a read. Its called "Fizz-bang; The History of the Coca-Cola Revolution".



Terrance is a cool dude. If you see him, say what's up. He's also got a mad stash, so hit him up if you're into that.

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