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We're Everhue, and we write mostly weird, mostly second person POV stories about weird girls and girl adjacent types. Everything I've written here takes place according to the same interpretation of the Library multiverse, although not necessarily in the same universe as each other.

All The Gods In All The Worlds
titles from Blue Lips by Regina Spektor
stories about liminal places, from the perspective of a girl who is a fractal across universes and within herself, or
the story of Eve Monroe, a DID system and multiversally common, from the moments they're thrust into the strange world of anomalies to the friends they make along the way.

the knowledge tree
the most human color
our planet, from far far away
god this is all there is

sad eyes, bad guys
Titles from Ghosts by Halsey
-stories about girls that are monsters, monsters that are girls, and other violent things, or
the story of the following, their romantic relationships with each other from beginning to end to new beginnings: Quetzal, Katerina Hue, Allison Chao(s), Anya Valdirez, Calliope Vargas, Casey Thomas, Esther, Eve Monroe, Iris Thompson, and perhaps more.

the body sleeping next to me
mouth full of white lies
but quick to tell me goodbye
this is just for stories that don't really fit any of the bigger narratives.
empty houses

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