Wes Anderson's Game Grumps
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The boyhood adventures would've been endless
Basking in the summer sun from the backseat of the car
The wind rushing in our hair
The sun glare rushing through our sunglasses

Just us and the road
On the road to the woods
Parking the car between trees
Sitting on the edges of the lake

Wearing our sunglasses until the moon came out over the water—

The real beauty of it wasn't the scenery,
but the jokes we made
and the secrets we shared.

The boyhood adventures
Out on the town
In our leather jackets or blazers
And slicked back hair—

What we'll really really really miss
Is the childhood innocence
Of a few victimless crimes

Like shoplifting or speeding or breaking into private farmland
That's what it was.

It was you and me,
little boys
in a Stephen King book
or a Ben E. King song

The boyhood adventures
In an endless summer afternoon
Left behind in the wind

Flying out of the car
through the open window
like an empty plastic bag.

There's nowhere left to go
The adventure has ended.

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