The Epic of the Serpent
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The Epic of the Serpent was an epic styled as a poem composed by person(s) unknown which originated around the time of the Hand of the Serpent cult, which it found a base of popularity with. It is known for its rhyming lines and unusual word choices - some theorise this Epic as the place where the Serpent's Hand got its name.

Verse 1
In lands of green and virtues true,
Where gardens sprawl and heroes too,
There always was to be a blight,
Challenging a "heroic" might.

When in battle rode sword and shield,
Adorned with serpents and charging field,
Fleeing foes struck by battle woes,
Serpents striking at sun-low.¹

Verse 2
By dawn the rumour it had spread,
Of serpent venom and thousands dead,
Mythical creatures made by God,
Struck heroes down as if just a nod.²

Kings sent their men to hunt them down,
With soldiers burning town on town,
To no avail they searched 'til light,
Much to the serpent's right-hands delight.

Verse 3
To avenge the people ruthlessly killed,
The Serpents set out over the hills,
Slaughtering soldier and causing fray,
Towers burning, stuffed with hay.

To that day the people sing,
"That day they saved us from our King!"
And fore'er cemented in hist'ry,
The hands of the serpent remains a myst'ry.

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