The Five Senses of You
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All I can remember of that night is your voice
and how you sang praises of the heroes in the stars
while we looked up at the glow-in-the-dark ceiling.
How your affirmations lit up the room
fighting the shadows in the darkness, that always come too soon.
And how you said the most in silence
as you whispered me promises as the sun rose around us.

All I can remember of that night are your eyes
and how they danced from place to place,
while mine were planted squarely on the prettiest of faces.
How they opened so very wide at those stories
of battlefields and tragedies and of places that you will never go.
And how they finally closed so long after trying to stay awake, so I say:
“Sleep may be the cousin of death, but as long as I am here, you are safe.”

All I can remember of that night is that taste
of all the exquisite entrees and desserts that delight the palate,
though we’re only sitting in bed eating ice cream and takeout on your mattress.
How the sweetest of berries from the prettiest of leaves
could never compare to your lips and the smile beneath.
And how I never leave with a bad taste in my mouth,
projecting a mile-wide grin as I strut about the house

All I can remember of that night is the smell
and how you could always make me forget it all.
Your fancy perfume or cologne on the drawer,
how it trances me and draws me in nearer.
I would do anything to be constricted in your arms with no strings attached.
And how I always seem to find you in my everyday life
Those flowers and fruits you wear which fill me with delight

All I remember of that night is your touch,
and how I held you close when all seemed lost.
You always searched for my hands as we walked through the park.
How you kissed me and brought me to life,
the warmth of your love always warmed up those cold nights.
And how we lay there and just looked at the stars
I see you among them, while you lay in my arms.

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