The Gatekeeper's Room
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Cylus's abandoned hospital, eighth floor, home of the Gatekeeper.


Hey. You. Yeah, you. If you're going to barge into my home you better look me in the eyes and explain to me what the hell you're doing here. Actually? It is your lucky day - you don't even need to explain yourself! I know why you're here. You're here to see the Gatekeeper, yeah? No- no, for fuck's sake no, I am not it. Disgusting. That thing is my creator. And I live here with it. That's all. But sucks for you, as, it's not here. So fuck off.

You're still here? Great. Well. Unless you're okay waiting for a few months for it to return, you're stuck here with me. Ah, not too thrilled about that, are you? Neither am I. Tell you what, you see the tub in front of me? Look into it and dive in. Depending on what you see, it'll bring you back to some place in the Library, which is where I'm assuming you came from. In that place, probably sitting on the shelf or table or whatever that will appear in front of you, is something the Gatekeeper has recently contributed to. Considering these are places it frequents, maybe you'll have a better chance finding it there.

What are you waiting for? Go jump into the tub and get the hell out of my fur. Thanks.

Selected Locations:

Still here? Well. If you insist on just standing there, let me tell you this. In the event you don't find the Gatekeeper, as in, it has left the Library or something significant has happened and has shown zero activity for a year, any projects it's collaborated on go to their respected co-authors, and user SebarusSebarus may do as they best see fit with its works (whether that be deletion, rewrite, or image replacement). You could also try looking for, or, my goodness, even supporting it, at one of these locations. Okay, that's all, now scram.

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