The Gatekeeper's Sketchbook
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What appears to be an older, completed sketchbook sits on the table in front of you. The ink stains that tarnish the cover tell you that it's been well loved over the years. A quick flip through of the pages confirms your thoughts - every page is filled to the brim with art. Looks like the artist has written some commentary on each of the pieces as well. Perhaps you take a closer look inside? There's no need to hurry, the artist has to have moved on to a new sketchbook by now.

A home to many wonders.


Heya, if you've found this sketchbook, congrats, you've found the completed collection of all my works over my years here at the Library. There's no need to return it to me anymore - the majority of the art is very old now, and this chapter in my art journey closed. When I start a new sketchbook, I'll leave a summoning sign here between the pages, but otherwise, enjoy this old collection.

Heya, if you've found this sketchbook, congrats, I managed to lose track of it once again. Be real helpful if you could return it to me, the Gatekeeper, or uh, whatever name I've managed to pick up here in the Library. If you see a weird canine with a mask for a face, give it to him, as he'll make sure it gets back to me.

Regardless of that though, you're probably wondering what this is, other than a sketchbook of course. Well, I've found in my years of traveling, documenting the things you've seen and making note of them can be a handy resource in the future. A book and pencil require no special equipment and no further processing, you just have to be able to draw quickly, so that's what I've decided to do. Quickly note down all the things I've seen.

If you have come across something you'd like documented in this sketchbook, please take a copy of whatever book, manuscript, film, ect it appears in and place it in the sketchbook or hand it to the masked canine when returning the book. Perhaps when the book gets back to me again, I'll make the time to note down whatever you've added. Otherwise, if you're just here to snoop, go right ahead I guess, just don't draw over my drawings or spill anything on them, thanks.

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