The Giftkeeper's Notebook
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You watch the body fall from the rafters.

It hands you a small notebook, which you turn to look down at. In a hushed voice it whispers

For you, the one who has shaped worlds with your pen as your sword. For you, the one who has brought worlds together with your word as your way. For you, the one who no matter how far you wander, always has a home in the Library.

When you look back up, the body is gone. You become aware of the quiet hustle of the Library once more. You are left with a vague feeling of uncertainty, that maybe you were not supposed to see whatever you just saw, but the feeling subsides when you open the notebook and a smile crosses your face.

It seems the Gatekeeper has brought gifts to the Library this year. Take a look inside?

Heya, seems you've stumbled across my notebook. No, no, you don't need to return this to me or my dog, this is for everyone to enjoy. Consider it a gift to the Library! Admittedly, I don't have a great perception of time (ironic, right?), so these are all I managed to get done before the start of the new year. I have many more Patrons I'd like to deliver gifts to, so maybe if this notebook DOES come across me again, I'll slip in some more gifts. But for now, here's what I got.

But, to everyone, thank you. Thank you for making this Library the place it is today. No matter if you're contributing stories, reading, or sharing, every one of you matters. Keep up the good work, and to a happy new year!

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