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The Wanderer's Library contains every book that has been written, will be written, and many that will not - across all possible universes. Sometimes visitors to its endless halls spread works from one world to another, introducing its inhabitants to familiar stories told in strange new ways.

'The Heptateuch of Eve' is the name given to a mysterious manuscript discovered by a secret agent working for the Serpent's Hand. Embedded deep within an SCP Foundation investigation a small-time smuggler, the agent corresponds with the Library in encoded exchanges, desperate to know more. Before long, the trail of stories travels far beyond their scope, passing between the hands and ears of many readers across the globe; snatches of verse carried by dolphin whistles, whale perfume and votive chants.

Only the telling of the tale can reveal its secrets, and only the mythical Eve knows where it began.


Original series artwork by the author

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