The House of Hebenon
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There is a house on lonely roads
You wander, lost, unknown
I'll warn you few who'll heed my words:
This house is not your home

Down paths to Alexandria
Two pilgrims forage on
Their studies lead them to the path
And thirst, to Hebenon

The house is scaled and serpentine
With fangs and gaping maw
If thou wilt enter now again
You shan't escape its claws

For drink and humbling liquids flow
From fountains, mountains, dread
You think you're in control of all
In truth, you'll know you're dead

In Hebenon you'll lose your way
You head, your hands, your face
All of these things and even more
In venomous embrace

The house turn those who enter there
To what they are inside
Their skin to scales, their blood now cold
Their true form cannot hide

Down to the depths they'll take you now
To prison bars of gold
To rot away in squalor then
And wither till you're old

There is a house on lonely roads
That leaves no trace at dawn
From misty path to cobbled road
This House of Hebenon

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