The Island Chapter 1
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The Island

“I have found peace, it exists upon the rolling glass of a steady sea.”

Chapter 1

Work had become increasingly overloaded, cumbersome, and loathsome. The chipper attitude and persuasion that had encompassed my person had faded. Tedium slowly enveloped endeavors I was supposedly passionate about. What was left was an embittered self hatred, one that a younger self would have put on designation for an entrenched old-timer. It wasn’t who I wanted to be. I was only three years into my tenure and presumably, had many more to go. Perchance, my restlessness arose from the fact that besides being laid up on disability for three months following an unfortunate accident, I had never actually taken a single respite.

So when the opportunity arose to take a few days off in the late of January, I reveled at the chance to go somewhere, do something. The time itself was too short for a jaunt to someplace tropical, nor was it the season for tropical endeavors. I settled on a short ferry ride across the narrow ocean channel to a sizable island off the relative coast. With hotel booked for two nights and three days, I had a wanton need to spend everyday detached and disassociated from everything on my side of the body of water. I packed my bags, picked up a small assortment of intoxications and headed to the docks.

The boat, officially a catamaran, was sparsely filled. Most people seemed to be going over for day work. A few other notable groups were mixed within the ranks. A small family that had all the markings of day adventurers, their children abhorrently well behaved in contrast to a small field trip consisting of a screaming choir group. An overly affectionate couple also made their unyielding mark upon observant parties. For most of the journey, I found myself on the second deck in the aft of the boat, next to the young couple, who for all sensibilities were sickeningly adorable. Halfway through, I abdicated my seat, leaving the lovers. I walked over to where I could hold on to a support pole and attempted to position my body as far over the side and into the wind as I could. I popped my headphones in and I opted for the serene sounds of a particular album I knew all too well. The album often well suited to heightened my state of mind, and accompanied the utter bewilderment and beauty that the open sea so often affords. I hummed along as the waves rolled by.

The ferry soon lurched into the small inlet harbor on the island just shy of four o’clock. As I had no intention of letting myself feel rushed at any part of this escape, I lazily waited in the boat till most parties vacated the vessel. After about thirty minutes, I leisurely departed on my own accord. This wasn’t my first foray to the island. I had come here many times as a child, even was a frequent day time visitor. This however, would be the first time I would be spending the night, and early in the year no less. I throughly looked forward to what such an isolated, small island town got up to in the dead of winter.

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