The Lake
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We’re at the lake now, can you see it?

The sound of the gently flowing water welcoming you to a new world.

The warm summer breeze blowing through your hair as you run along the winding shores.

You laugh, you eat, you play.

Comforted in the loving embrace of those around you.

You lay on the soft grass as night falls.

Looking up to see the wonder of the cosmos laid out in front of your eyes. Stars glittering like the jewels of the heavens scattered across the obsidian sky. The chill of the night does not reach you.

Sleep takes you peacefully in your nights by the lake. You can only wake up each morning with a smile on your face, wondering what new joys you will experience. The memories of which will last you a hundred lifetimes.

We’re at the lake now, and this place shall always welcome you back. For the times you spent here shall live forever.

We’re at the lake now, can you still see it?

It's been some time since your last visit.

The lake's surface, once a mirror crystal blue, is now a murky green.

Its shores are rougher than the last time you were here. Where there was soft sand now is tiny jagged pebbles, tearing into your feet as you walk the once familiar paths.

You sit by the water, listening to the chilly breeze whistle across the lake.

You stand on the hill overlooking the lake town, watching the ghosts of happier days rummage through the ruins of that once so tranquil town.

If you focus hard enough, you can still hear the echoes from the annual festivals of the past. The music, the whimsical conversations of families cherishing their times together.

Darkness falls on the lake as you look up to the night sky. Clouds roll in, changing the once pure black sky to one smeared with grey.

The stars are no longer as visible, the few lights that shine through have lost their luster. Mere shards of the brilliance they once were.

Sleep is harder to come by, your thoughts sticking around longer than they should. You wake up with small bags under your eyes, wondering what the world has in store for you today. The memories of which are a blur. Lost in a perpetual haze of other equally dreary days

We’re at the lake now, but do not mourn for its change. For the joy you felt here is not lost yet, merely hidden beneath the water's surface. And this place shall still welcome you back. For the times you spent here shall live forever.


The Lake

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