The Last Soldier
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when the last soldier sees
the desolation of the battlefield:
burnt bodies, both sides crumpled up,
thrown away like pages from a book discarded,
she does the most cowardly thing she has ever done:
she charges on.
(and the fighting continues.)

when the last soldier sleeps,
hiding in a ditch dreaming of
campfires, s’mores, board games, and of course,
her best friend and his honey eyes lit with laughter,
she does the most despondent thing she has ever done:
she wakes up.
(and dreams fade to nothing.)

when the last soldier sees
a stranger in the distance healing the wounded,
putting out fires and looking at her with honey eyes
wide in fear; raising his rifle at the enemy before him,
she does the bravest thing she has ever done:
she raises her hands.
(and the war is over.)

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