The Multi Unitraversal
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Exploring the Ways of the Worlds

Way: Located at the end of The Shelf Made of Eversheen Wood.

Temperature: Chilly (50° Lopmos), perfect for a warm drink and a good book.

Accessibility: Unlike many abandoned worlds, the area is largely safe.

Knock: Wear a fashionable scarf that matches your outfit!

Breathability: All creatures who require a mix of nitrogen and oxygen should find this destination comfortable.

Incursion: There appears to be no evidence of jailors, bookburners, or madmen.

Dear readers, absorbers, and listeners of all types,
Do we have a treat for you. Those who have been subscribed to Multi Unitraversal™ are sure to be familiar with Correspondent Gottsam R'lek, known for his discovery of the Floor Made Entirely of Trapdoors and his impressive collection of scarfs, who happened across an undocumented Way that we had but no choice to bring you today. This abandoned world has an undiscovered story ripe for the right scholar to uncover and plenty for patrons to explore and enjoy.

Always yours,
H. K. Wolraven

Serenity Comes in Black and White
As soon as Mr. R'lek stepped through the Way and into the clocktower, he knew that what he found was special. Overlooking a vast city, the landscape is completely awash in an absence of color. The tops of towers, buildings, palaces, and even the strange wheel in the distance, are completely blackened. As for the rest of the land, it's almost as if any and all color decided to take its business elsewhere, because everything, and we mean everything dear reader, is stark white. We find that this landscape, while jarring, is calming in its silence, and have set up a reading room in the clocktower. Cushy seating courtesy of Multi Unitraversal™ and a welcome change of scenery awaits anyone who needs it here in the clocktower.

A Splash of Color

We're sure you wonderful paying subscribers are thinking, "Sure, it sounds like a great place to read, you're absolutely right about that Multi Unitraversal™, but what other reason could I have to go here?" We're glad you asked, intrepid rhetorical device, and do we have the answer for you. While our beloved Reporter scavenged the barren cityscape, he came across something peculiar: color. Pools of color. Colored mist. Blue bubbling brooks and purple pools. To the west, away from the dry riverbank, past the occasional artworks of a humanoid's shadow, is a large swath of hot springs. Come take a relaxing soak after a hard day of research. It's said each differently colored pool gives a different positive effect, and the only way to find out is to try it yourself.

For all you fire elementals and hell beasts,
Thanks to radar equipment provided by our returning esteemed sponsor, the Augur of Signals (Connecting the Stars in this Universe of Ours), this humble paper was able to determine the origin of the hot springs. Underneath the city is a cavern almost as large as the city itself, filled with magma and strange formations obscured by the liquid fire. Since the hot springs might not be able to beat your heat, take a dive into the lava pools below and explore the mysteries of the underground. Ask us about our scuba tours!

Traversing in Style
As our brave adventurer continued beyond the veil of the chromatic vapors, what followed was an escalation of sorts. Instead of calm springs came gushing geysers that eventually morphed into trickles then slowly sliding rivers of lava. For a reason so far unknown to R'lek, the farther he headed, the more volatile and closer to the surface the sea of magma became. In the past, we have been honored to report on the Annual Lava Race Relay, so to honor those brave competitors we offer various boating services to travel down the beautiful rivers. The kayaks and canoes themselves are sourced directly from the surrounding landscape, pulled from the fossilized trees dotting the landscape.

A Final Rare Sight to Behold!
Even farther west, after the hot springs turned to geysers and the geysers to rivers of lava, lay a lake of flame home to quite the beast. To you, our valued customers, we would not dare sensationalize our findings unless what we found was truly incredible. What Mr. R'lek found was a massive Solar Phoenix in a deep sleep floating atop the lava lake. Patrons familiar with those who frequent the Library will know the importance and rarity of such a creature. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for scholars and curious folk alike, for who knows how long the phoenix will stay in its slumber. Multi Unitraversal™ is offering guided expeditions to observe the creature for as long as interest exists.

Multi Unitraversal™ and its publisher the Planasthai Press are not responsible for any and all patrons that are maimed, killed, incinerated, or the like by the Solar Phoenix if in the event it wakes up and becomes violent.

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