The One Rite for Rust
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Nothing needs be here

bereft of sound, and fear, and light,

betray your senses

rend your "real"

for here is now

and here is right.

The metal is your temple

stress and pressure are your prayer

you feel the rust

but bless the water

pouring in

the spirit of the night.

Body left to fall away

a moonlit reverie; is kept

within, without; it fails to be


the night is all.

Command your naught and precious being

ascend, ascend, ascend, ascend

a shawl, so light, to ride the wind

in joy

till sense departs

it departs.

Night can't last,

but asks

Do you?

For if your eyes were now to open

you may find it hard to place

awake? asleep? apart? awoken?


you're free

and rust is here to stay.

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