The Origamist
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“It can never be done,” they had always said, their sneering gazes drilling holes into his pride. “The notes are too sticky and the pages too small! You’ll never succeed!”

Well look at him now, with his shelves upon shelves filled to the brim with the artwork of thousands of pieces of that illustrious adhesive parchment. He’d shown them. He’d shown all of them! Who were they to laugh at him now?!

Turning away from his work, he grinned. What came next was always his favorite part of this project.

There, bound and gagged on the hardwood floor by the fireplace, was the original inhabitant of this cabin. They looked on at the shelf with a mix of confusion and horror filling their visage.

“Admiring my work?” The Origamist said, his tone so oversaturated with pride that each word practically oozed with the stuff.

The man on the floor could only produce some muffled reply, not at all worthy praise for such talent as what The Origamist had just displayed. He supposed the man had no other option though, so he stepped forward and removed the gag from his mouth.

Gasping for air, the insufficient one truly spoke, “Why are you doing this?!”

“Why…?” The Origamist replied, “I thought it would be obvious why. After all, you were one of my biggest critics.”


“Don’t play dumb, insect. You said it yourself: ‘nah, I don’t think you could make sticky notes into origami.’”

“Wh… wait, that random origami question you asked me at the party? That’s what you’re tying me up for?!”

“It was not just some random question! It was a proclamation of my dream, to take my craft where I never had before! And you spat on it!”

“Look, man, I didn’t know it was that important to you, alright?! I’m sorry!”

“Oh… I learned long ago that apologies in this world mean nothing.” His gaze turned to ice as he told his heckler the truth of this world. “The only thing that matters is comeuppance.”

And with that, he began his work. Pinching, and folding, and rearranging, until his sculpture was complete. The centerpiece to his entire display, left right there in the middle of the room. It only took about ten minutes to clean up the mess this time.

On to the next heckler.

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