The Revisionists
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[The page seems to be taken straight out of a Archivist's report from the Library.]

Perhaps one of the more curious of the Library's adversaries, the Revisionists are a small collective that have taken it upon themselves to imitate us in nearly every respect, including the construction of their own Library. While imitation can be taken as a form of flattery, this is certainly not the case. This act of imitation has led Revisionists to repeatedly attempt to raid the Library, seeking to steal tomes and artifacts with which to stock their Library copy. On top of this many, if not all, of the Revisionists possess the ability to copy the form of any being they choose. However, through trial and error, we have discovered some ways to differentiate a Revisonist from an otherwise normal patron or Librarian:

1. Ask for clarification for a certain term from a nearby tome. Upon them asking to see it, hand them the book upside-down. It has been observed that Revisionists are unable to notice if written word is upside down or not.

2. As the copying ability of the Revisionists does not seem to extend very far when it comes to memory, question the accused on past events pertaining to that individual. They'll find themselves at a loss for words and immediately try to escape to the nearest Way. We do not suggest following them, but rather contacting the nearest Docent or Page.

3. Give the person you believe to be a Revisionist a quill and ask them to write their name down. As it stands every Revisionist encountered has been left-handed, therefore giving away their identity should they be copying an entity that is known to be right handed.

Modus Operandi

The Revisionists and their methods are generally shrouded in mystery. However, a handful of their tactics have been discovered by patrons and Library staff. The ones listed below are the most likely to have been utilized by Revisionists:

1. Some Revisionist groups that have infiltrated the Library have been observed to be in the attendance of a Sarlok1. Using it's duplication ability, they attempt to feed it as many books as possible and retrieve the copies from it's excrement before retreating through a nearby Way.

2. Utilizing a variety of unknown objects and at times, even sacrifices, the Revisionists seem to possess a ritual capable of deciphering the conditions needed to access a Way and perhaps even direct it. However, from what Library staff has observed, this ritual has a very low success rate and often ends with all participants being deconstructed by the Way portal.

3. Revisionists have been observed to utilize the endangered Darg2 subspecies of chimpanzees in order to evade Library personnel and steal literature from the Library. It should be noted however that the low intelligence of the Darg subspecies often leads them to either wandering off into the Library or leaving through the wrong portal.


Through rigorous research concerning beings sharing similar traits to those involved in the raids it is believed that the shape-shifters among the Revisionists may belong to an ancient race of wanderers known as the Imitati. The following excerpt was taken from Mevrald's History of the Worlds.

While there are many beings in our world one could consider strange, none are stranger than that of the Imitati. Born without a form, they adopt the appearance of the first creature they lay eyes on. As they mature they gain the ability to utilize this transformation ability at will, taking on the form of any creature. Their history is shrouded in mystery and we currently have no knowledge of when or where they appeared. Even more worrisome, we do not know what their goals are beyond blending into society. One prevailing theory is that they were servants of Aeus, but lost their forms after failing to curry his favor. If this is true, they may be attempting to become servants of a new god.


Below is a short statement from a wanderer that possibly entered the Revisionists's copy of the Library. He has not been seen in the Library since he gave this testimonial.

"I thought I was in the Library at first. Everything seemed the same, down to the way I had left the chair at my desk. But it all felt…..wrong. I don't really know how to explain it. It's like that feeling you get when you look at an android that's not quite human looking. Uncanny, that's the word. It all felt really uncanny. I don't want to go back there."

- Arthur Delroy
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