The Reward
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"In old days, as erano GRASSETTO drawer of terrible earl tools the riders,

and it the country and country' lived; terrorisen; ; alcoholic flaggin' ;

of s; But d' ; other l' part; ; one day he a rider is come GRASSETTO

emptied there were and splendidly at bezaubern and earl tools with its germ

and smile, this way with hey and j' disarmed; if you, and hey nonny aucun

and to smile, say king, " in such a manner; has disarmed; ; I wish your know name! " ; The so-called rider, " ; Signore do not agitate!

Voice by, verrily, the V.N. more arrogant, " ; Said, " ; It is l' even of everything other." ; The so-called king, " ; All' ; Within of these walls vanavond you'

; of the lock; l takes it to the leasure and you' ; the element of the lbrandstof which it because with one night of satisfies your documents of the solicitors student has rewarded! "

; With hey and j' have and hey nonny aucune and cause cases raise! " ; My little girl has her of the console; She' ; clean young persoonsS.A. and only and sleep the whole night in the light of pale maan naked living!

My other little girl is this way free She' ; s now net in the city and sleep the whole night in the light of the pale naked maan is lives! " ;

With hey and j' have and naked hey nonny aucun are small live! It the rider, much pour at complete one night All' spent; ; Within of the walls of the lock, but the conclusion to these n' history; this qu' is;

it seems entirely in born awakening l' ; unoa né l' ; l' other one l' basis; one or turned other one it to ages for its honour have paid back…

But it has the whole night with the spent king preferibilmente, on these leggiadramentegeschichte are! With hey and j' have,

and hey nonny aucune for these are it leggiadramentegeschichte!"

-Page One Hundred and Eleven of the Cyphers

It is obvious this speaks of some sort of reward to a warrior, but I fear I can make out no more than that. -Claire Lumineux

More than just a reward, if I read this right, it speaks of a royal, an earl or a king, perhaps, offering up his daughters! -Claire Lumineux the II

Looks to me like someone had a good dose of mushrooms. -Claire Lumineux the III

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