The Rivers
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To Acheron, Woe

Oh, entrance to the underworld
Oh transparent river grey
Sing your tales in symphony
For those who’ve left the day
Yet forever in a realm of night
Forever nightmare’s dream
None dare cross your brutal path
Oh raging, sobbing stream

To Styx, Hate

Oh most infamous and everlasting
Most well known, and most feared
Blackened river forever grasping
For all that you hold dear
Stemming from the river Woe
That made itself apart
Not a ghost dare ever leave
Lest you gift them hateful heart

To Lethe, Forgetfulness

Oh most peaceful silver stream
From which the broken drink
Unlike the other rivers here
Yet still moving in sync
The painful parts of memory
From you can never hide
Bathe them in your shallow depths
And reveal what was kept inside

To Phelgathon, Wrath

Burn away the sins of life
Burn away the dark
Burn away the death and strife
And leave your branded mark
All the dead who enter here
Avoid your warm embrace
Without lungs still, they cough up smoke
That hides your burning face

To Cocytus, Misery

Oh wailing river evermore
Filled with ghosts to brim
All the dead within your waters
Sing their sorry hymn
Like Acheron, their weeping tears
Lead your shores to flood
Though your waters glimmer grey
Your sands are dyed with blood

Note: The Orphic Lake of Mnemosyne is absent from the list, but this is not due to any incredulity of its existence. It is merely not a river.

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