The Shadow In My Room
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I never thought about it once

The shadow in my room

It sat there

I sat here

I see it speaking quietly

But I can't hear it

It comes closer

Lurking over my body

It whispers in my ear

Its words, like wisps of smoke

It's supposed to fear me

For what I am

A feral human

Standing upon this horrid land

But it still stands there

Staring into my soul

With eyes of pride

Like a hard-earned prize

That it worked ever so valiantly

To roll life's dice

To end up with me

On the other side

Which then I realize

It's not here for my demise

And I lay there in my bed

Staring into the room across from mine

The shadow walking to the bed within

Standing in front of my sister's sleeping body

A motherly figure

A body just like mine

Whispering into the ear of my sister

"Love you, and Goodnight"

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