The Songbird
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The Songbird

Have you heard of the Songbird?

No, not the bird that tweets outside your window.

Have you seen its feathers?

Not grey and yellow. But every colour imaginable - and more.

Have you heard it sing?

Not a simple call. All the birdsongs combined in perfect symphony.

Have you looked in its eyes?

The heartbreak of nature. The joy of new life. The love of the earth. The creativity of creatures.

Have you seen its nest?

Woven from the rainbow, threaded with beads, decorated with the crowns of men.


It grants one wish

It sings all songs

It wishes for all

To throw down their spears

Destroy their guns

And unite as one.

The Songbird

Large and free

Cannot be killed

Or caged, nor seen

Freer than birds

Freer than man

And yet it rules the land


Have you heard its cry?

A wild call - anger, peace, love, chaos.

Have you seen its wings?

Spanning across the sky. Larger than life, yet unseen.

Have you felt its touch?

Softer than silk. Stronger than stone. And yet…


We are alone, you and I

Astray from the Songbird's wish

Only thinking of ourselves

Greedy and empty

We build weapons

Shoot down the sky

Take what is not ours.


The Songbird

Now caged and alone.

Its largeness has been contained

Its love broken, its heart in two.

The Songbird

Cannot sing

The Songbird

Cannot fly

The Songbird

Is caged

It cannot breathe.

The Songbird

The Songbird…

The Songbird…

It has died


What have we done?

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