The Strange Box

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As you were wandering through the stacks of books in the library, you come across a large, worn cardboard box tucked away on one of the shelves.
The box was hidden behind some books, and it piqued your curiosity. Intrigued, you cautiously picked it up and wondered what it could contain, you curiously opened the box and were surprised to find multiple origami animals of various sizes made of plane white paper in it.
Each one was carefully folded and intricately crafted, but what was even more surprising was that on unfolding each origami animal, you discovered a new poem or a story written on the paper.

You unfolded the first animal, a delicate crane with wings outstretched, and read the poem inscribed on its wings. It spoke of Death, the pain of separation from the physical world and reuniting in a spiritual realm. The words were hauntingly beautiful, and you found yourself lost in thought as you traced the lines of the poem with your fingers.

Curious, you unfolded another animal, a fierce-looking tiger. This time, you found another poem written on its body, a poem on poetry itself.

One by one, you unfolded each animal and read the poems and stories written on their bodies. Some were sad, some were funny, and some were deeply moving, but all were beautifully written and carefully crafted. It was as if each animal held a secret world within it, a world that could only be unlocked by unfolding its paper form.

You wondered who would have created these remarkable works of art and hidden them away in the library. Was it an anonymous artist, sharing their stories with the world through the medium of origami? Or was it a librarian, experimenting with new forms of expression?

You may never know the answer, but you do know that
the strange cardboard box and its contents will stay with you for a long time to come.

As you carefully folded each animal back up and placed it back into the box, you noticed the words "Property of Dr. Avenlee" handwritten in black permanent marker on the backside of the box. A familiar name, you knew that you had found something special, it suddenly reminds you about The Wanderers Gallery and that the paintings were also created by an artist with the same name, so maybe the artist of the gallery and the author of these stories are the same person, you concluded.

Perhaps one day, you would have the chance to create something equally magical and share it with the world, just like the person who created these paintings and beautiful origami animals. It reminds you of the fact that art can take many forms, and that sometimes, the most unexpected places can hold the greatest treasures.

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