The Strong Rock
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- Author unknown
Piece originated from The Sea of Words in The Wanderers' Library.

The Strong Rock

The raging sea swirls around me
The lightning flashes above me
The waves thrash about me
But I stand surely on the Strong Rock

People all around me drown
In the raging sea dragging them down
Even their strong boats flip upside-down!
All because they won’t trust in the Strong Rock

The water around me turned red
I saw a child and was filled with dread
His eyes were open, but he was dead
So that’s when I cried there on the Strong Rock

The storm threw a man against me
He was all thin and raggedy
“Quick!” I begged, “Cling to the rock with me!”
He sneered, “I don’t care about no dumb rock!”

He swam off under the flashing thunder
To a new boat that hadn’t gone under
Then lightning burst it asunder!
He would’ve lived if he held the Strong Rock

Then another scared man saw me
And to himself marveled he
How strong and steady I must be
For the waves and rain hid the Strong Rock

So he pleaded that I save him
Joyful to help, I grasped his limb
Then I urgently warned him,
“I haven’t the strength, cling to the Strong Rock!”

He couldn’t see so he wouldn’t listen
The waves grew and lightning glistened
I felt the sureness of my grip lessen
Once again I was alone on the Strong Rock

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