The Tale Of The Brothers
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"…and the blood of the Prophet shall run thickly
through their veins, yet they shall not ken it
when the past once more comes forward to the
new turning of the wheel shall show the way

And into the family of the Prophet, shall be
born five children, of destiny and desire
One born to death, one born to knowledge
One to health, one to action, one to hide

Of the Sisters of the brood of the Prophet
we shall speak but little for they are
of little note, one not born but leaked out
the other who runs from her blood

Of the first brother, born of light, he shall
carve his own path upon the world
shall prove to those who lie above, that he
is one of them, shall rule along them

Of the second, he shall be as the wind, and
you shall never know he is there, or if
it is merely his shadow upon you, falling now
to fail to aid those he finds himself of

The third brother, bound in the mind of a
child, struggles within and without
for he shall never be free, despite what has
been to, and for, his own good

Three brothers, split from family, brought
together now in the end, knowing
that they shall never be as a family, for
there is none for them to have.

The questions shall be raised from within
and they, not knowing, shall be made
into that which they have most feared and
bring down the Walls of Ignorance

And amongst all this, the poison girl shall
once more exert her influence upon
the Walls of Ignorance, and they will find
that she was never there at all."

—Translated from Aramaic, found carved into the walls of a temple of worship, discovered buried beneath the sands in Yemen. This is only a portion of the entire prophecy.

—Page 138 of the Ophiuchus Codex

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